donderdag 1 mei 2014

Samantha's room tour

hi or hey everyone!

So I promised a while ago on poly that I would do a room tour (about 2-3 weeks ago, sorry).
Well, my room is always a mess, so it first had to be cleaned and everything before I could make the pictures.

But you're probably curious now, so let's start!

 Let's start with the white board on my door.
And move on to the wall next to that, with decorations themed in the Japanese kokeshi doll style.
And go a little faster to see the frame with pictures of me in disney (2010) with the disney fairies.
 Let's move up a bit so you can see 4 of my trophies which I won with dancing competitions.

 And there you see a half dressed mannequin with a infinity scarf, completely normal right?
 On the ground is a half filled medal board, and my favorite pair of pumps.

 And here's where I sit every morning doing my hair, make up and everything. On that picture it was organized, I can promise you one thing... It isn't that organized anymore....
 And here's the other medal board, this one is completely filled with gold medals.

 And my trophies, and the big medal in the box is an award. All of these where won by dancing my dancing competitions.

 Yeahhh, there's my window....

And there's my desk
 I felt like I needed to shot this picture with the jacket from my dancing school, haha oops?
 My idol, basically. 
 In my closet you see....
 Now let's move up to my bed, there you see an empty memory board. I still need to fill it.... And a lot of pillows and some stuffed build a bear animals.
 Shelve filled with basically everything...
 Not so interesting haha
 This is a new picture because I made the collage today, that's why you don't see it on the previous pictures. It's like making my closet so much better, and I'll make a more detailed post about the collage probably later. 
 "Close up"

♡, ѕɑмɑnтнɑ 

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