donderdag 1 mei 2014

My 5sos life size collage

hi or hey everyone!

I promised a closer look to my collage so there we go!

I had these pictures laying in my room printed out for a while already, it was a stack of about 15 pages, but I collected them trough the weeks, printed them out every once in a while. And now it's spring break, and I had not much to do so I decided to finally get this done!

 (Full shot)

 You can tell that the heart is 100% sarcastic. And I just love the speech bubble there.

 Blurry picture, but the banner says enough; "don't touch" don't touch Luke people ;P

 Yep, 3000% done with this band

 Of course I had do have a speech bubble saying "she looks so perfect"


 Sadly, it's true... "So many bands, so little money"

Little detail: speech bubble saying "by Sam"


♡, ѕɑмɑnтнɑ 

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