vrijdag 2 mei 2014

My memory board

hi of hey everyone!

So earlier this week I showed you guys my room and that contained an empty memory board.
Today I finally decided to fill it with pictures!

It contains:

- 2 pics of 5sos
- 1 pic of ptv
- 1 pic of atl
- 1 pic of sws
- 3 camping trip pics
- 1 group pic on school
- 1 huge group pic on school party
- 1 dance competition ard grad group pic 
- 1 pic of me in 8th grade
- 2 of my older school passes who show my transformation from 7th to 8th (and next school year I'll add 9th grade school pass too)
- 2 medals for a walk thing with elementary school

♡, ѕɑмɑnтнɑ 

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