zaterdag 3 mei 2014

My go away door sign

hi or hey everyone,

I really think I should rename this blog into; Samanthas ways to avoid boredom in her spring break...

So, I really ended something saying that people can't come into my room, and I had this picture that was perfect for that. Basically what I did, is it tried to recreate it by drawing it just like the picture itself. I kinda failed but it's not ugly.

 My drawing....

 The inspiration 

Currently I'm collecting pics and "fillers" for another closet door collage. This time containing more bands. (1D, Little mix, Emblem3, 5SOS, PTV, SWS, CTE, blink-182, ATL, BMTH)

♡, ѕɑмɑnтнɑ 

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